Brookhaven Siberians,  East Grand Rapids, Michigan  USA
Imported Hypoallergenic TICA, CFA and FIFE Registered World Champion Siberian Cats and Kittens-- For those who want only the best...

Hypoallergenic Siberian Cats
Welcome! I am so happy to have you here to view our special Siberian family members!

Known as the "Dog lovers Cat", the Siberian Cat is a very loyal and loving family member. They are curious and not shy in the least. They are great with children and other animals and are generally mild mannered and playful. Highly intelligent, we have had kittens and adults who will play fetch, shoot pool accurately (with paws), turn lights on and off, open doors (that are firmly latched), and flush the toilet. They also will walk on leashes and will always greet you at the door when you come home. They have an affinity for water, and it is not unusual to have them join you in the shower, lay in your sink when you're trying to brush your teeth, (or drop things into an open toilet to see if they float). :-O

Siberian cats are a hypoallergenic breed of cat. This means that they produce lower or nearly absent levels of the protein allergen Fel d1 that triggers allergic reactions to cats in 80% of people with cat allergies. Every cat has a different level of the allergen. Neutered cats have lower levels, as do spayed females. Once altered, the levels are nearly identical and should not affect the gender of the kitten you select.

Most recent studies show that if you are not allergic to dogs, rabbits or horses, and do not have extreme food allergies to milk or eggs...but you only react to cats...then you are allergic to the protein Fel d1, and the Siberian may well be the cat for you!   My son has off the charts allergic reactions to the average house cat, and he has not had any reactions whatsoever to our Siberian cats or kittens. He is the reason we became interested in the Siberian cat breed to begin with. 

Our Siberian cats are TICA or CFA registered cats from Champion, International Champion, European Champion, and World Champion Siberian Cat pedigrees. We specialize in Neva Masquerade coloring, though we occasionally have a Traditional colored Siberian kitten to offer. 

Siberian cats are a unique breed native to Russia. They are one of only 3 natural breeds of domesticated cat. This means that they have not been bred with any other variety to create a certain "look". They are exactly as God created them...beautiful, highly intelligent, charming and loyal.  They are the second largest breed of domestic cat. Brought to the States in 1990, they are still somewhat rare in the USA.


Puss In Boots was said to be a Siberian.

Former Russian Presidents, Mikhail Gorbachev and Dmitry Medvedev keep Siberian cats as pets.

It is believed that all long haired cats are descended from the Siberian.

Centuries ago, Siberian cats were the night watch for Russian Monastaries. They were the first alert to notify the monks that there were travelers on the road.

Earnest Hemingway had a Siberian cat that lived with him during his time in Paris.

The new film, Nine Lives, scheduled for release in 2016,  features Kevin Spacey as a cat, and is filmed using Siberian cats because the Director of the picture is allergic to all other breeds.

Detroit Tigers First Baseman (from the '84 World Series), Dave Bergman and his family, have 2 of my Brookhaven Cats.
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